Land of 4000 ers

A stunning mountain, perhaps the finest traverse I have ever made. Massive glaciers, huge summit cornices. We aimed to stay at the Marco e' Rosa refuge to ascend Piz Bernina the following day. We failed due to a terrifying electrical storm that caused our axes to buzz!
Piz Palu 3907 m
A spectacular traverse of the Fletchorn and Lagginhorn. The Lagginhorns north ridge (1st image) was serious mountaineering.
Lagginhorn 4010 m
Simply beautiful. Climbed in one day from the Hohhass telepherique.
Weissmies 4023 m
This was very ambitious, hard rock climing and narrow aretes. At one stage I could see the glaciers 1000m beneath my feet as I climed a serious pitch on the Italian side. We failed to reach the summit due to lack of time.
Portjengrat 3674 m
A small attractive peak east of the Fletschhorn. We bivvied on the
 moraine and climbed the mountain the following day.
Sonneghorn 3318 m
Rimfischhorn 4199 m

Cheated by apalling weather just 200m from the summit :-(