“The limits of bad feeling can be expressed in metres.
One is a better person at 3,000 metres than at sea level"

- Henry Russell

The highest peak of The Pyrenees has an unpleasant surprise just when you think its over. The summit rock ridge is decked with gendarmes above big drops. A great mountain and worthy of its place as the highest in The Range. Solo climb in 1999.
Pico de Aneto 3410 m
A rather technical and dangerous peak - loose rock and a hard move on the summit ridge.
Pic de la Munia 3133 m
Iconic Pyrenean summit, sadly I failed due to very poor weather. The mountain was the site of Henry Russels eccentic activities in Victorian times.
Vignemale 3297 m
Remote, hot, arid. This is the 5th highest summit in The Pyrenees. Climbed with my girlfriend Nadine.
Pic Perdiguero 3222 m
My achiles heel, I have failed twice on this peak. Lack of time on the first occasion, poor weather the next. I'll be back to this amazing rock summit.
Pic Balaitous 3149 m
The route to the easiest 3000m peak in the Pyrenees passes through the amazing Breche de Roland.
Le Taillon 3107 m