In 1997 I lived for 6 months in Kundl (Tirol). A dream job for a Pharmaceutical Engineer and Mountaineer. Swiimming in mountain lakes and climbing at weekends. The food is magnificent, our favourite restaurant was the Stanglewirt Bio-hotel where we discovered Zwiebelrostbraten!
Climbed solo-virtually twice! The first time, just 200 m from the summit two Italian climbers tol me that the summit was impossible to reach. A week later I climbed the mountain succesfully.
A beautiful peak. I took the telepherique to the glacier and walked to the refuge. Climbed solo the following day.
I climed the highest peak in the Stubai with Otto (65 years). Otto arrived in the Stubai frm Munich on his Harley Davidson! A superb mountain with a little ice climb near the summit.

Ascended with my Brother-in-Law (Eddie). This was a very snowy season, the climb was cold and in deep wet snow.
Not easy!
Hochfeiler 3510 m
Wilder Freiger 3410 m
Zuckerhutl 3507 m
Climbed solo from the Neuer Preger Hutte. Collosal glacier plod with huge crevasses. Descent in the pouring rain.
Gross Venediger 3673 m
Eiskastenspitze 3323 m
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